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Lucius Banda

Lucius Banda's 17th album is not short of anything Lucius Banda, its the same Lucius Banda we know with more stories and sound that is sure to make you happy you purchased this cd. This album focuses on the current state of Lucius Banda, he shares his experiences and raises some questions about the future of Malawi. Lucius titled this album "TIME" so that it can be a checkpoint in the listeners ears about what they have done with there time so far o this earth.

Zidutswa za mtima
  • 1. Zidutswa za mtima 06:40   1.722k
  • 2. Mphawi uja 05:56   967
  • 3. Paulendo 05:42   809
  • 4. Ndakonzeka 05:31   739
  • 5. Nancy Tabwera 05:23   603
  • 6. Its all about you 04:50   642
  • 7. Andeche une 04:36   650