MVELANI.com Usage

How does Mvelani work

A. On MVELANI.com its easy to listen to music. You are able to search for the artist, album or song you are looking for. Our discover page will show Top lists, recommendation and genres. You are able to like, share and see how many times a songs has been listened to. By viewing your account section, you can also see all the songs that you have previously liked and upload songs if you are an artist. 

Q. Is Mvelani free?

A. Yes. Right now you can listen to unlimited music for free with some advertising between songs. 

Q. I am an Artist and my music is here, do I get royalties?

A. For every song played on mvelani.com, we pay authorities in the country we operate royalty fees which are distibuted by them to the artists.

Q. I can not see an Artist I want to upload music for on your drop down list?

A. This means that we havent yet added this artist to our database. Please contact us to request that we add this artist to our website, we will seek to complete this request within 6 hours.

Q. How many songs are on mvelani.com?

A. It is hard to estimate how many songs are available on this platform. The number continues to increase on a daily basis. Our goal is to be the biggest platform of African Music online.

Q. Can I advertise my business on your website?

A. We support audio adverts and banner ads. Please contact us if you are interested in advertising.