Submit Music

The number of Artists interested to join our community is growing. Many new and well established artists are now realising that Mvelani provides an effective way to reach your fans due to thousands of music lovers that use our simple and easy to use platfrom. 

Its completely free to add your music to Mvelani. In most cases, we will create your profile and add your music within 24 hours. We will usually confirm the URL to your profile as soon as we have added the songs to our database. 

In order to get started. Please provide us with the following information: 

  1.  Your Artist Name
  2.  Your Location (City and Country)
  3.  Your Genre (HipHop, RnB, Traditional, Gospel etc)
  4.  Your profile Picture 
  5.  Your brief biography
  6.  Your songs in MP3 format.
  7.  Song or Album Artwork (Please provide this if available)
  8.  Your Facebook and Twitter URL (We will add these to your profile).

The above information should be emailed to ellie(at)mvelani.co.uk - if you do not provide us with enough information, this will delay us from adding your songs to Mvelani. 

Thank you for your interest to join our community.